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The highest tightening technology in the world


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  • TIGHTENING SYSTEM 350  ( 1 ข้อมูลรายการ )
    Tightening System 350

    Spindle        Tightening System 350

    System 350       Interface module

                               Cable        Software  


    Rexroth continues to implement its strategy for tightening technology: more flexibility, lower TCO. Up to six tightening channels can be operated on the system box and card rack. With the freely programmable, integrated logic, Rexroth opens new horizons for tightening technology automation.

  • MODULAR with TIGHTENING SYSTEM 300  ( 8 ข้อมูลรายการ )

    A fast market demands flexible production systems The new Rexroth Tightening System 300 has been developed for a market that is fast living and flexible. Shorter product cycles and changing tasks require a variable technology with simple handling. Controller and tightening spindle have been developed as a modular system, which ensures an optimal construction using standard components. Further extensions are simplicity itself. This system, which can be extended up to 40 tightening channels, is coordinated by a communication unit (KE). The interface-oriented PC software BS300 makes programming clear and easy.
    Servo amplifiers (LT), controller (SE) and communication unit (KE) form a powerful unit in the system card rack(BT) with compact slide-in modules. As alternatives to the system card rack(BT), the SB301 system box is available for the inclusion of a single tightening channel and the SB305 system box for the inclusion of up to five tightening channels. All cards can be quickly plugged in. This modularity ensureseasy system installation. A single connector cable suffices to connect the tightening controller with the servo amplifier. This cable provides both power supply and communications. In the process, distances of up to 100 meters can be safely bridged.

  • REXROTH ERGOSPIN with TIGHTENING SYSTEM 300  ( 2 ข้อมูลรายการ )

    The perfect technology for ergonomic tightening processes Ergonomics is becoming more and more important for automation technology. Ergonomically-optimized machines not only increase the level and quality of work, they also contribute to better health protection. With its ergonomic design, the Rexroth ErgoSpin provides all the cutting-edge technology needed to control and monitor tightening processes. The hand-held nutrunner comes in a design that covers single-channel operation and multi-channel operation with up to 40 tightening channels and can be seamlessly integrated into stationary tightening systems from Rexroth. Using the BS300 software ensures that the ErgoSpin can be quickly and easily parameterized and programmed. Visualization of results and system errors is done on the display in the LTU350 servo amplifier. The SD301 system display is also available to visualize tightening results right at the workplace and can be installed anywhere in the station

  • ERGOSPIN with COMPACT SYSTEM CS351  ( 1 ข้อมูลรายการ )

    Increase quality, decrease costs Seat belt tightening is only one of many safety-relevant tightenings in the vehicle. Here, the ErgoSpin’s compact, ergonomic design can really shine. Contactless transducers and digital data transfer guarantee reliable tightening process results. Rexroth ErgoSpin – the hand-held nutrunner that pays for itself