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IR-Ratchet PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล์
Ingersoll Rand’s more than 100 year legacy of designing world-class tools of the highest quality, durability, and reliability is evident in our line of pneumatic ratchets. Smaller in size and more powerful than competitive models, our ratchets are specifically engineered to make you job easier and you more productive. Our enhanced ergonomics make our ratchets easy to use.

1/4" Drive

1103  |  1215Ti  |  103A  |  104B 
Able to tackle small fasteners, in tight spaces

3/8" Drive

1200  |  1133  |  1225Ti  |  111 Knuckle Saver™  |  111-EU Knuckle Saver™  |  107XPA  |  109XPA  |  1033A  |  170 
Perfect for increasing your productivity on general automotive work

1/2" Drive

The perfect combination of power and accessibility

IQv Series™ Cordless

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