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Cordless Tools

Key features like a precision shut-off clutch, LED work light, overload, low power and false trigger protection make the EXACT line the ideal choice for automotive, aerospace and industrial assembly applications.

E   Ergonomic
X   Extremely Light
A   Accurate
C   Cmk Proven
T   Tool 

See our line of EXACT screwdrivers
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Cordless Accessories
Angle Screwdriver - ANGLEEXACT
Centre Grip Screwdriver - EXACT
Bluetooth EXAConnecT
Bluetooth Angle Screwdriver - BT-ANGLEEXACT
Bluetooth Centre Grip Screwdriver - BT-EXACT
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  • ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVERS  ( 1 ข้อมูลรายการ )
    One million screws are no match for the C-EXACT electric screwdriver

    When we set out to design & build our new corded electric straight screwdrivers, we decided it was time to change the definition of what a straight electric tool should be. That’s why our new line of C-EXACT corded electric drivers combines many of the standard features of our EXACT cordless assembly tools with unmatched durability provided by a brushless DC electric motor, 36 volt power supply and a choice of lever or push-start models.

    This new generation of electric drivers uses the same accurate, durable clutch & gearbox used in our line of cordless production tools. It features a polyamide housing and durable DC brushless electric motor that will not stop, even after tightening over one million fasteners at full load. The C-EXACT also features the same OK/NOK LED indicators as our line of cordless EXACT tools to insure process quality.

  • BOSCH Accessories  ( 1 ข้อมูลรายการ )

  • HIGH FREQUENCY TOOLS  ( 5 ข้อมูลรายการ )
    High Freqency Tools

    High Frequency Tools can handle heavy-duty operation without experiencing overload. See our line of grinders

  • PRODUCTION AIR TOOLS  ( 1 ข้อมูลรายการ )

    Our production air tools are lightweight durable and comfortable to use. The CLEAN line requires no lubrication. See our CLEAN screwdrivers, nutrunners and pulse wrenches.